TML Tools

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I started TML (Tendon, Muscle, Ligament) tools after moving to Idaho in 2011. After 20 years of chiropractic my shoulders and wrist's have seen better days. I took the first Graston course in Los Angeles........many, many years ago. I got great results with it and wished I had started using it much earlier in my career as it would have saved a lot of wear and tear on my body. Not long after using the Graston technique on my patients I realized that only 2 tools were used for 99% of my patients. That started the idea to combine those 2 into one easy to use tool. 

   The cost of living in Idaho is relatively low. The cost of manufacturing is also low here and that is how I keep the price low and pass the savings on to you. I also plan on adding a complete IASTM guide to this site in the near future.